"An Authorised Dealer in India of Borosilicate Glass Duran ® Tubing, Capillary and Rod with 3.3 expansion produced by SCHOTT, Germany"
DURATAN ® has application in the Lighting Industry.
DURATAN ® is prestressed and chemically highly resistant borosilicate glass with low thermal coefficient of expansion.
Using a thermal toughening process, the wall of tubing can be prestressed which results in glass tubing with high resistance to tension and mechanical shock and with still higher resistance to thermal shock. The familiar high-quality physical and chemical properties of borosilicate glass are thus changed but complimented.
Tempering of the glass makes DURATAN ® scratch resistant, break-resistant: the glass distengrates into a meshwork of little blunt-edged pieces which minimizes the risk of injury.
Flame Proof Lighting
Luminaries with Half-Shell Protection Cover
Tunnel Illumination
Sight Glasses in Pipeline Construction
Outdoor Lighting

SCHOTT® and DURATAN ® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT. DURAN ® is a registered trademark of the DURAN GROUP GMBH.
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